*txts back 20 days later & picks up the conversation where we left off as if no time has passed and without an excuse*

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I don’t even want to be touched

So much wasted time

As I sit here waiting I’m so fucking pathetic. Why is this my life why is this always my life why am I forever waiting if you care. If you cared I wouldn’t be here alone feeling like this. And you knew you fucked up so why haven’t you texted to see how I’m doing even if you think it means getting snapped on At least play stupid or act like it didn’t happen and just fucking text me to show that I’m on your mind. And I’ll play coy and You know I’ll show up put on a show and then break down anyways and give into you , do what you want, make sure your okay ,make sure you feel good. So why are you prolonging it especially when we don’t have much time left. Why am I here at 4 in the morning crying and waiting. Maybe it’s because you know I’ll break down eventually. Ugh I’m so fucking pathetic.

My sexuality is killing me

Always waiting

Oh it hurts so bad


*points to your dick* is this seat taken?

A hopeless romantic who has completely given up on love

The thought of you being with someone else in your past makes me jealous. I’m a viciously jealous lover. Who wants to be loves selfishly.